Gramonnati Mandal, an institute established by Guruvarya R. P. Sabnis in 1944, is one of the leading educational institute in Junnar Taluka.

The institute has earned great reputation as a ground-breaking unit by launching programs like "multipurpose school" that aimed at bringing development of rural area through education. Guruvarya Sabnis was a great educationist and he had envisioned the development of rural area through education. He made several experiments in education and this tradition has been continued by the management of Gramonnati Mandal. Education was made friendly and useful to the agriculture business by introducing certain agro-based courses like agriculture, husbandry, dairy science etc.

In order to keep pace with the changing world, Mandal opened various educational units like technical institute, English Medium School, vocational unit and agriculture school. Mandal's educational complex covers almost all disciplines of education and around 7000 students are getting education in various units from primary to post-graduate level. The institute purports to create competent and committed human resources for various fields. It has resolved to launch diploma (D. Ed.) and degree (B. Ed.) courses from the next academic year 2007-2008. This initiative is in pursuit of creating teachers with merit and accountability.